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Above Ground's mission is making you "Sound Your Best" so fans love to replay your songs! We deliver exceptional sonic experiences that keep listeners pressing play. We help artists achieve this goal by providing exceptional music production services from songwriting to the final master recording. We understand that your fans demand hi audio quality. We are here to provide it. Our belief is to provide amazing sound quality that your growing fan base can depend on. Listeners love to replay and repost their favorite songs because they sound awesome and Above Ground is a key component to achieving success in a competitive music industry.



Mastering is the final 10% of professional music production and also the most important process. Great mastering ensures your mix will sound excellent everywhere it's played; from the car to the club, computer, cellphone and radio. Above Ground's mastering suite, led by chief mastering engineer Nate Middleman, is outfitted with the latest in audio technology to bring our clients the energy needed to take their sound to the next level.



Mixing blends all the recorded elements into 1 magical stereo soundscape. Our team of talented engineers enhance musical themes and lyrical content with effects, eq and dynamics processing that highlight the song's emotion. An amazing mix pushes limits to the very edge of the "sound box", yielding a huge mix that's tall, wide and deep. Our creative and spontaneous mixes captivate listener's attention, converting them into loyal fans that replay your songs over and over.



Recording is the core of great sound quality that captures breathtaking performances. Above Ground's comfortable studio and artsy vibe frees artists to speak their truth while a skilled audio engineer records every take; paying close attention to performance and sound quality. Our custom vocal recording signal chains employ a variety of high end designer microphones, fat tube preamplifiers, and pleasing compressors to create a full, rich and clear sound.

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Sound your best.