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Every project receives our undivided attention. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible recording experience. Our engineers and producers have years of recording and mixing experience with the musical knowledge and know-how that will compliment your vision.


Our Engineers

At Above Ground Studios, our engineers want you to feel great about your music. We are passionate about making good music sound great and making great music sound amazing. We work tirelessly to ensure that every detail of your music is treated with the utmost care and is to the highest quality so that you Sound Your Best™.

Nate Middleman - Lead Engineer

Nate Middleman - Lead Engineer

Working with Generations of Music

Beginning his career working with some of the most respected recording and mixing engineers in the Big Apple, Nate Middleman has had his hands in a thing or two over the last 15 years.  He's worked with hip hop legends such as the Beatnuts, MOP, Onyx, and Greg Nice.

Nate moved to Baltimore in 2001 to help operate studios working with major label artists such as Lil Mo, Alicia Keys and Mya while freelance engineering for Def Jam artists like COMP and Dru Hill.

In 2005 Nate opened Above Ground Studios and since then has engineered hits for some of the hottest artists in Baltimore and across the Nation.

Jael Kibui - Engineer

Jael Kibui - Engineer

On the Rise

Growing up in her father's church, Jael learned a little bit of everything when it came to music, from playing the drums to running live sound. It was during those early years that she caught the bug and that grew into her love for music.

Since then, Jael has been on her grind as an audio engineer working with various talent throughout Baltimore and the DMV on projects ranging from post production for a short film to producing and recording local talent.

In addition to building her career as an engineer, Jael has also landed a few gigs as a voice actor and is currently building her portfolio as a music producer.



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